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You are expected to keep an organized notebook for this class. Toward the end of each grading period your notebook will be checked. Throughout the grading period, you should be keeping all papers in your notebook in order by chapter. Before the notebook check, you will be given a list of all the items that should be in your notebook. The items should be in your notebook in the same order that they are on the list. On the day of the notebook check you will be expected to show me the assignments in the correct order. If you do not have them in the correct order, your notebook will not be checked. This assignment will be worth between 50-100 points. Your grade for the notebook will be based 80% on having the correct items in the notebook and having those items finished, while 20% of your notebook grade will be based on neatness and correct organization. Make sure you keep track of your papers. I will not provide extra copies of papers you are missing for the notebook check.


Second Six Weeks


Chapter 12 Motivation & Emotion

bulletChapter 12 Section 1 Outline
bulletChapter 12-1 Worksheet
bulletChapter 12 Section 2 Outline
bulletChapter 12-2 Worksheet
bulletPaying for Grades Articles
bulletMotivation & Grades Writing Assignment
bulletDiscovering Psychology Motivation & Emotions Video Study Guide
bulletChapter 12 Section 3 Outline
bulletChapter 12-3 Worksheet
bulletChapter 12 Test
bulletOn Emotional Intelligence Reading
bulletEmotional Intelligence Writing Assignment


Chapter 14 Theories of Personality

bulletThe Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Test
bulletKeirsey Temperament Sorter II Assignment
bulletKeirsey Writing Assignment
bulletChapter 13 Section 4 Outline
bulletChapter 13 Section 4 Worksheets
bulletChapter 14 Section 1 Outline
bulletChapter 14 Section 1 Worksheets
bulletChapter 14 Section 2 Outline
bulletChapter 14 Section 2 Worksheets
bulletChapter 14 Section 3 Outline
bulletChapter 14 Section 4 Outline
bulletChapter 14 Section 3/4 Worksheet
bulletChapter 14 Section 5 Outline
bulletChapter 14 Section 5 Worksheets
bulletDiscovering Psychology Video 15 The Self Study Guide
bulletp. 406 Reviewing Vocabulary #1-10


Chapter 19

bulletChapter 19 Section 2 Outline
bulletDiscovering Psychology: The Power of the Situation Study Guide

Third Six Weeks

Chapter 19

bulletJudgment at Nuremberg study guide
bulletJanning Speech handout
bulletThe Nuremberg Trials: The Justice Trials reading


Chapter 20

bulletChapter 20 Section 1 Outline
bulletDiscovering Psychology: Constructing Social Reality Study Guide
bulletAttitude Formation handout
bulletAttitude Formation Essay
bulletAttitude Research Assignment handout
bulletEssay on how attitudes are shaped by culture
bulletWhat's Wrong with Stereotyping Worksheet
bulletChapter 20 Section 2 Outline
bulletChapter 20 Section 2 worksheets
bulletChapter 20 Section 3 Outline
bulletChapter 20 Section 3 worksheets
bulletp. 599 Technology Activity (Advertisements)
bulletReteaching Activity 20 Worksheet
bulletp. 598 Reviewing Vocabulary & Recalling Facts


Chapter 4

bulletChapter 4 Section 2 Outline
bulletChapter 4 Section 2 worksheets
bulletChapter 4 Section 3 Outline
bulletChapter 4 Section 4 Outline
bulletDiscovering Psychology Video 5 The Developing Child Study Guide


Chapter 16

bulletDiscovering Psychology Video 21 Psychopathology Study Guide
bulletChapter 16 Section 1 Outline
bulletChapter 16 Section 2 Outline
bulletChapter 16 Section 3 Outline
bulletChapter 16 Section 4 Outline
bulletChapter 16 Section 5 Outline


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